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Hot Horse Fly Shield

£9.50 - £28.00
Hot Horse Fly Shield is particularly effective against horseflies (species Tabanidae)

Hot Horse Fly Shield is a 100% natural organic oil containing a blend of essential oils.  It can be applied with a dry or wet microfibre cloth on to horses, ponies and donkeys.  We’ve chosen only natural ingredients which are kind to your horse, kind to you, your pets and the environment.

Hot Horse Fly Shield contians essential oils that have scientific evidence of their efficacy against horse flies and other fly species such as midges.   Fly repellent petrochemicals can be harmful to the environment, toxic to pets such as cats and are not the best chemicals for you to have on your skin.  Fly Shield contains no harmful chemicals and yet horse flies hate it!   Nature truly is powerful. 

We use the best cold pressed (rather than chemically extracted) plant derived oils because only the best will do for ours and our horse’s skin.   The oil is specially selected because it’s high in anti-oxidants, Omega 3 & Omega 6, and vitamins E & K. Because of its particular oleic acid profile the hair takes up the oil along with the vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential oils to develop a natural barrier against the horse flies.  Another added benefit to you and your horse is that the oil rich hairs create a deep gloss on the coat bringing out your horse’s natural colours in a show ring shine. 
How does it work?

Horse flies need a purchase on the hair before they can feed.  Hot Horse Fly Shield’s organic oils and essential oils form a glossy coating on the hair. This forms a barrier deterring horse and deer flies (Tabanidae) from landing and feeding rather than by killing flies with harmful chemicals.  The essential oils have been carefully selected because of the evidence of their efficacy in scientific studies. Once you’ve applied Hot Horse Fly Shield your horse will soon learn that horse flies aren’t to be feared any longer and he or she will remain calm and content to enjoy the summer sun in peace.     
But don’t take my word for it. I’ve offered you this sample so you can try it and see for yourself.  I welcome your feedback so I can find out how it performs with your horse and make improvements if necessary.  We all want our horses to be free from the plague of summer horse flies.  

Application directions

Helps protect horses against horseflies

For animal use only as topical lotion

Use Fly Shield safely. Always read the label and product information before use

Pregnant or mares with foals at foot : read website

Store with cap tightly closed out of reach of children

Application of this long lasting weatherproof formula will last up to 5 days. 

Fly shield contains essential oils and in rare cases some animals may be irritated by or allergic to essential oils.  Patch test your horse 24hrs before the first application.  If irritation is seen discontinue use. Do not use on inflamed skin.   Patch test yourself if you intend to apply without gloves.  

Wet the cloth thoroughly in warm water and lightly wring out.

Poor 1 teaspoon of oil onto the wet cloth and wring through the cloth to distribute the oil throughout the cloth.  This amount is enough for 1 side of the horse. 

Rub the cloth over the horse rubbing well into the coat all the way through to the skin. Make sure 100% of the horse is covered including legs but avoid your horse’s eyes, lips and nose. 

Polish up to finish off.

If your horse gets sweaty you can polish the areas again with the oil infused microfibre cloth or if very sweaty rinse your horse in just warm water and polish when dry. 

Fly Shield works best when the horse is dry. 

The cloth will retain the oils so this can be used to polish the coat and rejuvenate the Fly Shield power when necessary.

For a show ring shine rinse your horse after application with just warm water. You’ll find the natural oils of Hot Horse Fly Shield help rinse the dirt out of the coat and leave behind a glossy replenished coat fit for the best show ring.

If midges are troublesome rub a teaspoonfull of neat oil into the tail.

Application interval

You can expect one application to keep your horse protected for betwee 3 and 5 days and often longer but you may need more frequent applications if your horse becomes sweaty. 
Repeat application as and when necessary but no more than once a day. 

Repeat whn necessary but no more than once per day

Broodmares & foals

Do not use on foals younger than 4 weeks old.  Use half the adult dose for foals up to 6 months of age.

Fly Shield contains 2% Neem. This equates to 0.2mg per application, which is 0.067mg/horse/day when applied every 3 days.  This is an extremley low dose of Neem.  

Helping the environment

Hot Horse Fly Shield contains:-

NO palm oil
NO petrochemicals
NO pesticides

Our packaging is:-

No plastic bottles
Lightweight pouches made from recycled plastic
Cardboard outerpackaging for sustainability
Light weight post we saves on carbon fuel use. 

Starter packs:  come with a microfibre cloth for application
Refill pouches: for repeat purchases

Three economical pouch sizes:

50ml: lasts one horse up to two weeks
200ml: lasts one horse up to six weeks
400ml: lasts two horses up to six weeks

Delivery charge: 

UK   £1.50 
EU   £4.00

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