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Hot Horse Shower Portable

£180.00 - £200.00

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Hot Horse Shower Portable - £200.00
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Eccotemp CEL5 - £180.00
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You may like to view the Hot Horse Shower Spa instead. Twice as powerful for the same price 

Portable, convenient, luxury hot water for your horse! 
Please note: Eccotemp specify this unit is for TEMPORARY use only.

10KW outdoor propane gas outdoor shower

The Hot Horse Shower Portable is taking the horse world by storm!  Super product with super reviews

£199 option comes with the Hot Horse hose kit (6m long hot water hose, spray gun and quality hose connectors) + human shower head & 1m long hose + gas regulator & gas hose/fittings.

£179 option comes with a human shower head & 1m long hose + gas regulator & gas hose/fittings but WITHOUT the Hot Horse hose kit

1 year manufacturers warranty

Featuring the Eccotemp L5 portable outdoor shower. The market leader in the USA - now CE certified for UK

“This is a great shower - I can't believe how powerful it is! Highly recommended” Jackie Williams, washing her grey show pony, Lola, with the Hot Horse Shower Portable in Lancashire

With a Hot Horse Shower Portable you will have a healthier happy horse at wash time. Horses LOVE the deep warming and soothing benefit of running hot water. You’ll be amazed how wash time fidgets and tantrums disappear. Your hands will love it too!

The Hot Horse Shower Portable water heater unit is ideal for both portable and static uses. This powerful shower is easy and efficient to use. Easy and quick to install, just connect to a standard cold water garden hose pipe and a propane gas cylinder and away you go. You can use it in the stable yard or take it with you to events and shows. In fact anywhere outdoors you require hot water the Hot Horse Shower Portable can go too. If no mains water is available it also works great with a powerful water pump. See the accessories page for our new water pump system coming soon.

*Outdoor use only

Horses love it! Dogs love it! You’ll love it!

Benefits of the Hot Horse Shower Portable for you

Benefits for you:
A warm happy horse is a calm compliant horse. You’ll be amazed how wash time fidgets and tantrums disappear
No more cold hands at wash time!
No installation costs
Lightweight and portable
Efficient on gas = efficient on cost
Hot wash rugs, feed buckets or anything else for extra cleaning power with hot water
Take it home to wash the car, the bike, the kids?! Or anything else outside that needs a good hot wash*

Features of the Portable - Eccotemp L5

Eccotemp L5 hot water shower
Light and portable or wall mounted
Liquid propane gas powered
Heats water as it flows giving instant hot water
Controllable temperature with easy to use dials
Want hotter water? Increase the gas burner or decrease the water flow rate
Want cooler water? Decrease the gas burner or increase the water flow rate
Instant battery ignition - No electricity connection required.
Easy installation* – just connect the hose pipe, propane gas cylinder and pop in two batteries.
  * A competent person MUST connect the gas line & connections under the UK law
Connects to a standard cold water garden hose  20 – 80psi pressure
Delivers up to 5 litres/minute hot water at 25deg above ambient
Rain proof for outdoor use
Proven technology = safe, reliable, efficient
Efficient to use - 13kg gas cylinder lasts up to 28 hours continuous use
1 year manufacturers warranty
*Outdoor use only


Option 1. Product code: Hot Horse Shower Portable (HHS-P) :

Eccotemp L5 water heater, human shower head & 1m light duty hose gas regulator & fittings
Plus Hot Horse hose kit: 6m hot water hose, all "snap on" water connectors & trigger spray gun.

Option 2.  Product code: Eccotemp L5 (Ecco L5)

Eccotemp L5 water heater, gas connectors & regulator, human shower head & 1m light duty hose.

What you get with your Hot Horse Shower Portable

Eccotemp L5 heater unit
Propane gas regulator + hose + fittings
6m heat resistant hose
Quality push fit connectors
Trigger operated multi-pattern spray gun for horses
On/off shower head for human use  + 1m hose + fittings
Instruction manual
1 year manufacturers warranty
Hot Horse Shower Portable
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