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*NEW IN* Hot Horse Shower Spa mk II

Out of Stock
Hot Horse Shower Spa MK II - £350.00

** NEW IN **

Hot Horse Shower Spa mk II
21KW 11 l/min

more POWER

Still affordable for you, even more luxury for your horse. 

Complies with 2018 
Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR) making gas products safer for you

Comes with Hot Horse hot water hose kit including 6m hot hose, spray gun and hose connectors. Gas regulator, gas line & connections

Even higher performance at an affordable price

** Complies with the 2018 GAS APPLIANCE REGULATION (GAR) making gas products safer for you.**
Powered by propane gas the new Hot Horse Shower Spa mk II delivers 21KW of powerful and continuous flow hot water instantly. The powerful gas burners heat the water as it goes through the unit giving a high volume of instant hot water straight from your hose pipe which will never run out. Complying with the new NOX emissions regulations and with state of the art gas burner technology the Cointra CPA water heater is both pwerful and efficient.

No electricity connection needed. Quick to install with no permanent installations required. Take it with you if you relocate yards.  External model needs to be mounted in a place protected from the elements

The Hot Horse Shower Spa mk II delivers a high flow rate of hot water whatever the season. Even in the depths of winter this powerful gas powered water heater unit is capable of delivering a high flow rate of continuous hot water. Use it for warm up or cool down in a controlled temperature warm water environment. Or use the deep cleaning benefits of hot water for pre-show bathing without the horses catching a chill. The Hot Horse Shower Spa means healthier horses and happier horses no matter what the season!

Can be used with a flue in washbays, cubby hole, etc

Horses love it! Dogs love it! You'll love it!

Hot wash your horse, your dog and even yourself

No electricity connection required

Hot Horse Showers should be installed, commissioned and used in accordance with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Act 1994.

Features of the Hot Horse Shower Spa

  • Cointra CPA hot water propane gas water heater
  • short flue pipe
  • Instant hot water - heats water as it flows
  • Powerful flow rate**
  • Wall mounted*
  • Liquid propane gas powered
  • Delivers up to 11 litres/minute hot water at 25deg above ambient
  • Controllable temperature with easy to use dials
  • Want hotter water? Increase the gas burner or decrease the water flow rate
  • Want cooler water? Decrease the gas burner or increase the water flow rate
  • Instant battery ignition - No electricity connection required.
  • No permanent installations. Runs off propane gas cylinders ***
  • Connects to a standard cold water garden hose
  • Outdoor use
  • Proven technology = safe, reliable, efficient
  • Efficient to use - 13kg gas bottle lasts up to 10 hours continuous use
  • Size: 328mm wide x 560mm high x 181mm deep
  • 12 month Ferroli Ltd warranty

*Outdoor ventilation required
** Requires mains water pressure over 20psi and flow rate over 10 litres/min
***Gas cylinder not supplied

Benefits of the Hot Horse Shower Spa for you

Quick to install = low installation costs
Take it with you if you relocate yards
No electricity connection required
Quick and easy to install * - connect a standard cold water hose, propane gas cylinder, pop in two torch batteries and away you go
Lightweight and portable
Efficient on gas = efficient on cost
Quick to use, quick to finish
Hot water cleans so much better than cold water
Hot wash rugs, feed buckets, anything you like

*Note: Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 applies to this product.
  A competent person MUST install the gas connections.

What you get with your Hot Horse Shower Spa

  • Cointra CPA propane gas powered water heater unit
  • 500mm flue pipe
  • UK Propane gas regulator + hose + fittings
  • 6m heat resistant hose
  • Quality push fit connectors
  • Trigger operated multi pattern spray gun for horses
  • Instruction manual
  • 1 year warranty
Horse enjoys a hot shower
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